The Viña Concha y Toro Center of Research and Innovation is located in the heart of Maule Valley, one of Chile’s premier wine regions. Plantings of over 31,800 hectares (approx. 78,500 acres) of grapevines account for about 25% of the total area.

    The Center for Research and Innovation lies about 20 kilometers (just over 12 miles) from the city of Talca, in the district of Pencahue. The CRI is strategically located 2 kilometers (just over one mile) from the Rauquén greenhouse, created in 1999 to produce all new plantings for Viña Concha y Toro vineyards.

    The CRI is also adjacent to Concha y Toro’s Lourdes Estate, which covers an area of 1,089 hectares (about 2,690 acres) of vineyards, making it Concha y Toro’s single largest wine estate in Chile.

    Maule has played a fundamental role since the earliest days of Chile’s centuries-old history of viticulture. Today the region is home to thousands of producers, suppliers to the wine industry and academic institutions catering to the vini-viticultural business. This privileged position gives this Center a fundamental advantage for the dissemination of its results, research and new knowledge.