Executive Innovation Committes

The mission of the Executive Innovation Committes is to oversee the correct evaluation, implementation, transfer and adoption of the results of the Strategic R&D Programs, ensuring excellence, high-level impact and synergy between the initiatives.

Their responsibilities include proposing and evaluating new R&D initiatives; reviewing, approving and communicating R&D project reports; and designing, implementing and supervising technology transfer and industrial scale-up.

The committees are made up of managers and assistant managers from the different departments related to the strategic program projects, as well as members of the CRI. As innovation leaders, they enable the company to conduct effective coordination of innovation management, promoting in this way the co-creation of a cross-disciplinary impact.

The committee members are as follows:

(i) Strengthening the production area of plant materials. Carlos Valdivia (GA);
Ivo Agnic (GA);
Marcelo Papa (GT);
Rodrigo Ortúzar (GCUV).
Researcher Molecular Biology (CII);
Álvaro González (CII);
Gerard Casaubon (CII).
(ii) Water resources and scarcity management. Max Larraín (GA);
Hector Urzúa (GT);
Valentina Lira (SGS);
Cristian Linares (T).
Sebastián Vargas (CII);
Álvaro González (CII);
Gerard Casaubon (CII).
(iii) Quality assessment of grapes and wines. Max Larraín (GA);
Francisco Celis (GT);
Jorge Miranda (GT).
Jorge Zincker (CII);
Álvaro González (CII),
Gerard Casaubon (CII).
(iv) Instrumentation, automation and IT applications. Rodrigo Ortúzar (GCUV);
Héctor Urzúa (GT);
Ana María Verdaguer (GA);
Lía Vera (GSCH);
Daniel Duran (TI);
Germán Di Cesare (T).
José Cuevas (CII);
Álvaro González (CII);
Gerard Casaubon (CII).
(v) New product design Jorge Miranda (GT);
Max Weinlaub (GT);
Marcio Ramírez (GT),
Cristián Ladrón de Guevara (GO);
Sebastián López (F); Andrea García (GMMG);
Cristóbal Goycoolea (GMMG).

Álvaro González (CII);
Gerard Casaubon (CII).