Agricultural and Enological Laboratory

The laboratory features high precision instruments which enable the analysis of grapes and wines from a classical and instrumental approach. Its main equipment includes analytical and measurement instruments such as UPLC-DAD- FL, GC/MS-MS, ICP OES which enable the study of polyphenols, tannins, anthocyanins, aromas, organic acids, volatiles, metals, and the health and innocuousness of wine, among others.

Molecular Biology Laboratory

The laboratory features cutting-edge equipment which enables early detection of the main diseases that affect vineyards (grapevine trunk diseases, viruses and bacterias) through the use of molecular tools. The equipment includes instruments for the isolation and identification of microorganisms (Microbiology area), nucleic acid purification and amplification for the identification of pathogens with automated sample processing capacity (PRC and qPRC area), and in vitro culture for the sanitation and multiplication of selected plant materials.

Experimental Winery

The winery is equipped with industrial technology which enables vinification to be conducted on a small scale, with the objective of analyzing and experimenting with new development alternatives for viniculture of the company and the industry in general.

Extension Center

Viña Concha y Toro's CRI constitutes a significant commitment by the Company in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility and its relationship with the community. Through its outreach program, the CRI makes a positive contribution to its environment, promoting the exchange of knowledge between the most relevant industry players, including grape growers, suppliers, universities and local communities.