Álvaro González, R & D Assistant Manager: “We have been gaining national and international recognition”

In the seventh edition of the Oenovitis International Symposium, Viña Concha y Toro´s Center for Research and Innovation (CRI) stood out for its research´s progress and for its contribution to the wine industry.

For the first time, the symposium of one of the most important wine organizations in the world, Oenovitis International, was held outside of Europe, in Mendoza, Argentina, demonstrating the relevance that the origins of the New World have in the winemaking processes and applied research for the industry.

Álvaro González, R & D Assistant Manager, represented the Center for Research and Innovation (CRI) in this important meeting, which brought together more than 130 participants from different nationalities and institutions in the National University of Cuyo.

This year’s version addressed the topic “Opportunities and challenges for vine and wine production by preserving resources and environment”. This issue is presented as a new way of approaching wine processes, highlighting the commitment to the environment and the efficient use of resources.

Álvaro González commented on the main points discussed in the symposium and the CRI´s participation in this meeting.


Why was the theme of wine production focused on the protection of resources and the environment chosen for this year´s symposium?

The symposium develops specific themes trending in the global industry, being the environmental protection one of the most relevant in the current state of the industry. There is pressure from different markets and international standards for the development of more sustainable production systems. It is a cross-cutting issue for different industries and progress has been made to improve standards.

In previous meetings, other topics have been discussed, such as stronger plant material, unconventional microorganisms in oenology, innovations in packaging, etc.


What do you value most of the CRI´s participation in these types of events?

The value of these instances is the creation of networks with the business and academic members of the industry, and the technical discussion on specific issues with several international specialists. The participation in this activity allows a high level of international visualization, showing the research carried out in the center.


How do you evaluate the CRI´s experience in this symposium?

It has been very positive. In one day we discuss about several elements related to the protection of resources and the environment, exposed by specialists from different geographical areas, which enriches our comprehension of these topics.

The CRI also contributes to the discussion through our role in applied science, focusing in the objective of developing innovations that improve the wine industry´s chain value.

The CRI, despite being a relatively new center, has been gaining national and international recognition through its various participations in technical and scientific events, and also with its frequent publications.