American expert on breeding of wine grapevines and table grapes visits the CRI

Dr. Bruce Reisch, a prestigious American researcher from Cornell University, visited the Center of Research and Innovation in the company of Dr. Paola Barba, Director of the grapevine breeding program from the Institute of Agricultural Research (INIA), in the framework of a research project they are formulating together. During his career Reisch has focused his research on the use of genetics and genomics tools to improve the vines and is internationally known to be a specialist in the development of new wine and grape varieties as well as new techniques for the cultivation of grapevines. The CRI researcher in molecular biology, Felipe Gainza, received the American specialist, gave him a tour of the facilities and showed him the lines of research currently being effectuated. Moreover, different common grounds were explored in order to study the possibility of establishing a future collaboration with Cornell and with INIA. “Dr. Bruce Reisch was quite impressed with our facilities. In fact he considered them to be of top level. But what is even more important is that he, as a prestigious researcher knowing the experience of different centers and universities, valued and highlighted the vision of the company to strongly invest in applied R&D”, Felipe commented when the visit was over.