Center for Research and Innovation hosts seminar focused on Carignan

The meeting held on January 21 was organized by The Vine and Wine Technological Center of Universidad de Talca, the Regional Government of Maule, and Vignadores de Carignan A.G.

“1st Season Progress on the Project for the Generation of Base Terroir Units for growing Carignan in the Maule Region” was the name of the seminar held at Viña Concha y Toro’s Center for Research and Innovation on January 21. The event was part of The Innovation for Competitiveness Fund (FIC), and was attended by vine growers and winemakers.

The meeting’s objective was to generate scientific and technological basis to characterize the terroir of Carignan vine growers in the Maule region in terms of viticulture, soil (edaphology) and mesoclimate. The purpose is to have scientific arguments to develop the first protected designation of origin in Chile from the point of view of the soil, the climate, the cultivar and the production culture.

After a series of presentations by representatives of The Vine and Wine Technological Center, regarding vegetative characterization, soil characterization, maturity evolution, along with a tasting of wines of representative regions, there was a tasting of commercial Vigno wines, including that recently developed by Viña Concha y Toro and their winemakers Marcelo Papa and Hector Urzúa.

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