Center for Research and Innovation participates in international conference on agriculture and big data

The BigDSSAgro 2019 conference is the third conference in the series devoted to new technologies, innovation for agriculture in 2030, and operational research methods and big data techniques in small-scale farming, industrial agriculture, smart farms, agri-business supply chains, land use and environmental protection, among other areas. 



The event was held from September 25-27 in Valparaíso, and was attended by renowned Chilean and international researchers, academics and students, who presented their operational research in fields including agriculture, forestry and the environment (sustainability indicators in agriculture and the environment, big data techniques applied to agriculture, and environmental protection studies, among others).

José Cuevas, Viña Concha y Toro head of R&D, participated in the panel on “Driving the digital transformation in Viña Concha y Toro: R&D and innovation to achieve a smart wine industry”.

The expert highlighted the technologies being developed by Viña Concha y Toro’s Center for Research and Innovation under the framework of its Strategic Program 4 with methods based on AI for the prediction of harvest volumes and cloud applications for grape and wine quality management, focused on optimizing processes associated with harvest management and planning. “We have developed digital tools with a focus on creating value for the business, and we’re convinced that their successful implementation will ensure the innovation impact that we are aiming for. The success of the implementation depends to a large extent on the integration of new technologies and their coordinated application, which requires the participation of all relevant stakeholders. To achieve this, in addition to ensuring the effective involvement of key areas (agriculture, winemaking, operations, and grape and wine procurement), a tool or method which enables technologies that we have developed to be applied together with others that are already available in the company (e.g. SAP, vineyard and winery automation systems, etc.) is also required”.