Center for Research and Innovation Presents Strengthening of Plant Material Strategic Program

The Strengthening of Plant Material strategic program, which aims to improve and strengthen one of the company’s most important assets, was presented on August 27 at the Center for Research and Innovation (CRI), and was attended by external speakers and specialists from some of the program’s scientific areas.


During the event, the team that leads the program presented the results obtained to date in projects carried out under Strategic Program 1, and the impacts that they have had on the company, as well as projections for the new R&D&I 2020-2024 strategic plan.

Molecular biology researcher Felipe Gaínza highlighted the importance of the products generated to date, which are having a major impact not only in VCT, but the industry as a whole. From this viewpoint, the strategic program is considered a key component of the Center for Research and Innovation’s R&D&I efforts.

 “Holding these events is extremely important, as it maintains the bidirectional flow of critical information for applied R&D, and enables the company’s production areas to find out more about the advances and developments that are being obtained at the CRI, generating positive feedback regarding the prioritization of R&D needs and their effective transfer,” he said.