Column by the Director of the CRI “Our commitment to Viña Concha y Toro: Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020”

Gerard Casaubon
Gerard Casaubon - Director CRI
In 2015, the wine industry received with high expectations the good news regarding the inauguration of the first private center for applied research in Chile and the region. The project was comparable only to a select group of high-impact initiatives in California and Spain. Concha y Toro's board of directors and senior managers were responsible for the development of the center, in collaboration with a new team with a background in academia and research centers. Together, we became the custodians of a collective dream and a deep commitment to the company: to conduct research and innovation of the highest quality, and above all, with a high impact for our industry. That same year, in parallel with the ongoing R+D projects and initiatives, the research teams and all Viña Concha y Toro collaborators who are actively involved in the CRI dedicated significant effort to the development of a clear and powerful roadmap which was able to address the company's major challenges. Hence, one year after its inauguration, the CRI is launching its Strategic Research and Development (R&D) Plan 2016 – 20, whose mission is to promote applied research, technological development and knowledge transfer in order to contribute to the competitiveness of Chile's wine industry and its success in the face of new challenges. The identification of ideas, needs and opportunities within the company was essential for the development of the Strategic Plan. During this process, we had the opportunity to get understanding of company's DNA and the people who form part of it, who with their enthusiasm and commitment were key to the creation of this roadmap, and to whom we reiterate our gratitude. The Plan includes more than 50 ongoing initiatives, organized in five main strategic programs: (i) Strengthening the production area of plant materials, (ii) Water resources and scarcity management, (iii) Quality assessment of grapes and wines, (iv) Instrumentation, automation and IT applications, and (v) New product design, as well as various other initiatives. I would like to invite you to familiarize yourselves with our Strategic Plan, and actively participate in the process of identifying new R&D and innovation ideas which we will carry out during 2016, and develop together Viña Concha y Toro's Center for Research and Innovation. See the Strategic Plan 2016 - 20