Concha y Toro’s sommelier academy conducts sensory analysis workshop in Brazil

Sao Paulo was the chosen destination to conduct a new activity as part of Concha y Toro’s Sommelier Academy program, with the support of VCT Brasil. Approximately 30 people attended the event, held at the premises of the Brazilian Association of Sommeliers in Sao Paulo (ABS-SP), including members of Concha y Toro's Academy and the ABS-SP, among them its president, Arthur Azevedo, and former students of the organization. On this occasion, the Sommelier Academy, together with the Winery’s Center for Research and Innovation (CRI), prepared a completely different type of activity. CRI operations manager, Jorge Zincker, led a theoretical-practical workshop focused on the sensory analysis of wood aromas in wine. After receiving theoretical lessons, the attendees put their sense of smell to the test, discerning aromas in experimental wines and attempting to correctly identify their components. A key innovation was the inclusion of smartphones as a channel for answering questions, which enabled the workshop to be streamlined, thanks to the digital delivery of each participant’s answers, and the graphic display of results. “The attendees were highly satisfied with the activity, because it was a new experience that we were able to conduct with the support of the Center for Research and Innovation. Several sommeliers thanked us for undertaking this initiative, which indicates to us that the activity contributed to their learning,” said Concha y Toro Wine Ambassador Loreto Ruiz. [foogallery id="2087"]