CRI participates in UC Innovation Center talk as an example of R&D&I

CRI participates in UC Innovation Center How the Center for Research and Innovation (CRI) was created and established, as well as its current situation, were among the topics discussed in the presentation led by the CRI's director and the head of technology management and administration. With more than 45 attendees from various fields, the talk on the "Implementation of an R&D&I center in the wine industry: the case of Viña Concha y Toro" took place. Held in the UC Innovation Center's auditorium, Gerard Casaubon, director of Viña Concha y Toro's Center for Research and Innovation (CRI) and Alejandro Donoso, head of technology management and administration, gave a presentation on the company's research and development challenges, the experience of how science has been positioned within the organization, and its transformation into a tangible contribution to the strategic global position which the company maintains. During the event, which lasted for two hours, the public attentively followed the different points covered, including how the idea of creating a center of excellence was planned and subsequently implemented, the way in which innovation has been coordinated and the strategy to encourage the participation of different departments. They also discussed the Center's current situation, the creation of a Strategic Plan 2016-2020, and the five strategic programs which contain approximately 50 projects. To conclude the presentation, Alejandro Donoso provided information about technology management, sources of financing, cost-management strategies and the budget assigned to the CRI's projects, as well as progress in the socio-economic evaluation model which will enable the benefits of the CRI's initiatives to be maximized. Following the presentation, master's students and other postgraduates, as well as company executives, participated in the discussion, asking questions and contributing opinions, reaffirming the interest generated during the talk. Image gallery [foogallery id="1207"]