CRI present at Yeast Biotechnology Meeting

The event, organized by the University of Santiago de Chile (USACH), brought together undergraduate and graduate students, producers of beer and wine, and the general public.

On April 5, José Cuevas, Researcher in Engineering at the Center for Research and Innovation (CRI), participated in the Yeast Biotechnology Meeting, organized by USACH, where he presented in front of more than 50 people about process optimization of alcoholic fermentation in the wine industry.

The activity, which featured prominent participants in the academic and business areas, aimed to discuss the use and production of yeasts in fermentation processes. During the event, José Cuevas introduced the Center for Research and Innovation to attendees, and explained the main programs developed there.

In particular, he highlighted the project to generate a digital platform for quality management of grapes and wines. “The public was very enthusiastic and expressed interest in knowing more details and, eventually, collaborating,” says Cuevas.

“It was also relevant to know the latest advances and research in the area of ​​biotechnology and yeast production, which could be applied to the projects we are addressing,” the researcher explains.

In his presentation, he announced that the CRI is evaluating the possibility of incorporating fermentation tests with different yeasts, which would be developed in the microfermentation laboratory, currently in design stage.