CRI shares leadership experience in innovation with INNSPIRAL

With the aim of communicating the know-how about business innovation, INNSPIRAL - a corporate innovation accelerator - chose Viña Concha y Toro´s Center for Research and Innovation (CRI) as an example to transmit the impact of innovation inside the company.

The CRI´s Director, Gerard Casaubon, participated in INNMeeting, an activity that presents leaders in innovation, organized by the corporate innovation accelerator INNSPIRAL.

The event brought together actors from the innovation field in different industries, who were able to learn, firsthand, the CRI´s experience and its contribution to the strategy of the vineyard.

On the occasion, the CRI´s Director emphasized that the option to innovate exists in all companies, regardless of their size. “What must be taken into account is a clear diagnosis and vision of innovation as a pillar of the strategy. This, added to a human group that directs the area of ​​innovation and that is convinced of its objectives, will bring as a positive consequence a culture of innovation”, Casaubon explained.



Visiting the CRI

Those attending the INNMeeting talk were invited to visit the Center for Research and Innovation, located a few kilometers from Talca, in the Maule Valley. There were 22 people linked to innovation in different industries, who traveled to the CRI and were able to see its facilities and its main projects under development, as well as a tasting of experimental wines.

“When observing the CRI´s work, it is clear that there are still many opportunities to innovate in this industry, which, in general, is handled in a traditional way. Chilean companies should look closely at the system that the winery has implemented, thanks to the team led by Gerard Casaubon, which is remarkable”, commented Arturo Herrera, Partner and General Manager of INNSPIRAL.

Representing the energy industry, Cristián Mosella, Manager of Innovation and Climate Change of Colbún also valued the visit: “The vision of Concha y Toro in R + D + i seemed integral and long-term. The visit was very relevant in terms of knowing a sophisticated management structure, with strong strategic alignment of the company’s top management. I also emphasize its attention on disruptive technologies, with clear focuses in areas such as smart agriculture, biotechnology and climate change, always linked to the direct effects on the business and the final consumer.”

“This is applied innovation. It’s nice to see that a big company like Concha y Toro does not rest on its laurels and makes a big effort in R & D and innovation, which is not traditional in Chilean companies. The strategic programs and the human team are first level (…) The visit is a valuable experience to think upon, especially for those of us who are embarking on the world of innovation”, said Cristián Vial, Deputy Manager of International Affairs of the Chamber Chilean Construction.




Geraint Lacey, Fundador, Agrobolt. Nicol Doren, Project Manager, Agrobolt. Dimitri Lebrun, Senior Financial Advisor, Engie Factory. Arturo Herrera, Partner and General Manager of INNSPIRAL.


Orlando Lopez, Gerente de Cultivos, Agroenzymas. Gerard Casaubon, Director CII. Arturo Herrera, Partner and General Manager of INNSPIRAL.