Irrigation and water management seminar

As part of a series of outreach initiatives included in the Cometas program, which promotes collaboration and consultation between Concha y Toro and its grape growers, on October 28 the First Cometas Seminar was held at the Puente Alto Vineyard. The first version of this event was focused on irrigation and water management, a fundamental issue for the optimization of resources in agricultural tasks. Proyecto Cometas This topic is included in one of the 5 programs of the Strategic Plan developed by Viña Concha y Toro's Center for Research and Innovation (CRI). For that reason, CRI research and development manager, Álvaro González, inaugurated the seminar by presenting the Strategic Program for Water Resources and Scarcity Management, together with three lines of research and their respective progress and results. The subject matter included desalination of irrigation water, leaching and the quality of Chardonnay wine from the Limari Valley. Subsequently, Dr. Samuel Ortega, a professor at Universidad de Talca and a member of the Center for Research and Knowledge Transfer in Irrigation and Agroclimotology (CITRA), gave a talk on irrigation management strategies for viticulture, providing practical, specific and accessible information to the more than 40 grape growers who arrived at the seminar in Puente Alto. The event was highly valued by attendees, who actively participated by asking questions and commenting on their experience, generating an environment of collaboration and consultation in line with the aim of the Cometas program.