Professional future: Students from Liceo Agrícola SSCC visit the CRI

In order to know new areas and expand their employment opportunities, 23 students of this technical high school in Villa Alegre, VII Region, visited Viña Concha y Toro´s Center for Research and Innovation.

“We wanted our students to know the work that is done in the center in order to complement the teaching in classes, learning through experience what they cannot appreciate from the classroom”, explains Enrique Cornejo, professor of the Liceo Agrícola Sagrados Corazones of Villa Alegre, who organized the trip to the Center for Research and Innovation.


The students, who attend the program of agricultural technician with a mention in winemaking, were very interested in traveling to the center, since it is directly related to the possibilities of their future work. The CRI team received them in the Auditorium, where they were given an introductory presentation of the center and on the campaign of Responsible Consumption, which the vineyard promotes.



Then, the students began the tour of the center, where the managers of each area explained the details of their specialty. First, they visited the Meteorological Station, with Sebastián Vargas, Viticulture & Enology Research Scientist. There, the group could observe water, wind, sun and rain measuring instruments.


Then it was the turn of the Experimental Winery, where Sergio Manzano, enologist in charge, explained how fermentation processes work and which techniques are fundamental for this stage of wine production. The students seized the opportunity to ask questions, since they had seen part of these contents in class and were able to observe its real application.


Finally, they visited the Chemical and Enological Laboratory and the Molecular Biology Laboratory. There, they could see that the applicability of their academic training goes far beyond the work in the field. The fungal samples and the observation of plates in the microscopes were some of the things that most caught their attention.


“The students are very grateful for the possibility of knowing new opportunities for professional development in areas that they never imagined existed. This visit was of great help in the personal and professional projection of each of them, marking the future of our students “, concluded the professor.