Renowned food metabolomics researcher Dr. Panagiotis Arapitsas meets with the CRI team

During his recent trip to Chile, Dr. Panagiotis Arapitsas visited the Center for Research and Innovation (CRI), received information about its strategic program and exchanged knowledge with the CRI's team, among other activities. He currently conducts his research at the Fondazione Edmund Mach in San Michele all'Adige, Italy, specializing in technologies related to food metabolomics. Dr. Arapitsas studies the metabolomic profiles of samples, in this case grapes or wine, and has published more than 30 papers in scientific journals. Specifically, his objective is to establish methodologies to investigate the metabolomics of fruit and wine, developing analytical protocols using mainly LC-MS techniques, data processing and identification and validation of biomarkers. During the visit, he gave a seminar in which he discussed his current lines of research and the new methodologies that he has developed. For their part, members of the CRI presented the 2020 strategic plan, specifically highlighting the quality assessment of grapes and wines program. “We appreciate Dr. Arapitsas’s visit because it enables us to continue expanding our understanding of new chemical analysis and data analysis tools that are being used today to conduct fundamental and applied research. During the visit, we were able to find out more about a cutting-edge technical and scientific area of chemical analysis of grapes and wines, specifically chromatography equipment and big data analysis,” said R&D manager Álvaro González.