Researchers from France and Australia hold seminars at the CRI Extension Center

Two international experts visited the Center for Research and Innovation (CRI) in mid-November. Dt. Stéphane Vidal, biochemical engineer of the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées of Lyon and Vice President of Oenology and Innovation for Vinventions, traveled to the CRI to meet with the technical-scientific team and learn about the strategic programs under development. In addition, Dr. Vidal led an open seminar to the industry at the Extension Center, entitled: "Optimizing wine shelf-life ". CRI teams, as well as professionals from the Technical Management of Viña Concha y Toro, participated in the lecture. The purpose of the seminar was to analyze the effect of various factors - such as exposure to oxygen, temperature and time - in the wine shelf-life, and how these conditions can be optimized through real-time analysis. On the other hand, the CRI received Dr. Paul Grbin, from Australia, who is one of the most renowned researchers in the study of Microbiology of oenological interest and representative of the University of Adelaide. Dr. Grbin leads a research team specially focused on Brettanomyces, one of the most harmful microorganisms for wine worldwide. In this sense, his efforts have been directed to the improvement of microorganisms which are essential to the production of wines, such as yeasts and lactic bacteria. His talk, "Lactic Acid Bacteria Strain Improvement," was an important contribution to the CRI team, who also participated by asking questions and sharing experiences with the expert. [foogallery id="2176"]