Sciences of the grapevine and wine: CRI participates in congress in Spain

Felipe Gainza, Researcher in Molecular Biology, traveled with Sofía Caldeiras, CRI thesis student, to participate in this instance of dialogue among grapevine specialists.

In the middle of one of the most important viticultural zones of Spain, La Rioja, the congress “Sciences of the Vine and the Wine” was held, bringing together the most relevant researchers of the international sphere in this area.

Felipe Gainza, Researcher in Molecular Biology for Viña Concha y Toro´s Center for Research and Innovation (CRI), traveled with the thesis student Sofía Caldeiras, to present two researches carried out at the center.

On the occasion, Felipe Gainza presented, through a scientific poster, the early diagnosis strategies of phytopathologies for the control of viruses and wood diseases in the vine.

For her part, Sofía Caldeiras, who carried out her thesis in the CRI´s Strategic Program 4 “Smart Wine Industry”, presented in front of 250 people her research on “Improved methodology for early and accurate vineyard yield forecasting”.

The congress is organized by the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences (ICVV), and aims to be a platform for interrelation for researchers of the science of the vine and wine. This edition included sessions devoted to vine protection, diversity and genetic improvement, production management, vine physiology, enological microbiology, sensory evaluation, and chemistry and oenological technologies.