Sebastián Vargas presents CRI’s research in Vintage Report 2018

The Viticulture & Enology Research Scientist was the CRI´s representative in this event that brings together the main players in the wine industry with the aim of transparently discussing the challenges of the previous season and their expectations for the next one.

For the first time in South America, the Vintage Report congress was held in Santiago, seeking to become a meeting point for the wine industry. Sebastián Vargas, Viticulture & Enology Research Scientist at the Center for Research and Innovation (CRI), presented in front of some 50 people the advances that the center has achieved in the management of the vineyard in a scenario of climate change.

In an open discussion environment, each speaker presented on a specific aspect of viticulture, their success experiences and the challenges they have faced in the last vintages. Much of the conversation focused on the need for objective and reliable measurements for decision making in vineyard management.

In this sense, Sebastián Vargas´ presentation caused great interest in the audience, who seized the opportunity to ask questions about the results obtained in the CRI’s investigations regarding water stress and adaptability to climate change.

“This is the first time I see an experience with this format. That the conversation and the presentations include the academic world, the industry and the legislative world, allows to know what is happening and what is the vision of the other relevant areas for the industry, to know what is your strategic vision and where we must move as an industry”, Sebastián Vargas comments.

“Our current research proposal and the results we are obtaining undoubtedly position us as one of the industry’s leading companies in adaptation and mitigation to global climate change through the use of research as a tool for innovation. Our proposal has the potential to generate considerable savings in water consumption, one of the most critical issues in global climate change”, the researcher concludes.

Vintage Report expects to hold an annual congress in Chile, where the different challenges facing the sector will be analyzed, an evaluation of the previous harvest will be made and the expectations of the next harvest will be discussed. This congress seeks to be a meeting point between the different actors of the wine industry to share practices, experiences and knowledge.