Students from Complejo Educacional Pencahue visits the CRI on international “Fascination of Plants Day”

As part of the activities organized for international “Fascination of Plants Day”, 42 high school students enrolled in Complejo Educacional Pencahue’s Technical-Agricultural Specialty Program, together with their teachers, visited Viña Concha y Toro’s Center for Research and Innovation.

During the educational day, the students learned about the applications of science in the wine industry, learned about the work that the CII develops – aligned under the focus of efficient and sustainable production – expanded their expectations of professional development opportunities and talked about Topics related to plants: the incidence of pathogens in the cultivation of the vine and the relationship between soil, water, plant and atmosphere.

The visit began with a reception and introduction to the auditorium and the presentation of the campaign on responsible consumption promoted by Viña Concha y Toro. Then the guests explored water, wind, sun and rain measurement instruments in the Meteorological Station, learn how the fermentation processes work in the Experimental Winery and go through the Oenological Agricultural Laboratory, and the Molecular Biology Laboratory, where the people in charge of Each area explained the wine research they carry out as CRI.



Bárbara Valenzuela, assistant of technological management of the CRI, referred to the importance of having this type of initiatives: “The students that visit us have the opportunity to live a unique educational experience. We have created a program that brings students from our community closer to science, technology and innovation. We have seen how students who visit us, visualize their professional vocation, find a center for future practices and why not their next place of work. “

Rodolfo Cornejo, director of the establishment said: “The visit is vital for students to know the cutting edge technology that Viña Concha y Toro uses and so that teachers in the agricultural area can program with the company practices in the field, talks, workshops, development and application of research experiences, field days, trainings and tutorials. “