Study Trip: Biochemistry course visits the CRI

One of the requirements of this career´s curriculum at Universidad Austral includes visits to different types of laboratories so that students can learn the real exercise of their profession.

A group of 10 students of the last semester or recent graduates of the Biochemistry career at Universidad Austral chose Viña Concha y Toro´s Center for Research and Innovation as part of their annual visit to a laboratory. In charge of their teacher, Ana María von Chrismar, the students were able to visit the CRI´s facilities and see the work that is carried out by its professionals.

The visit´s objective is that students can learn the exercise of the biochemist profession, share knowledge and experiences with specialists in the area and become known as future biochemists.

Thanks to its applied research work, the CRI was an interesting opportunity for the students, who shared with the center’s team, observed procedures, techniques and technological equipment. They asked questions to the specialists and talked with them about their areas of interest.

Within the Strategic Program of Strengthening of Plant Material, the area of ​​Molecular Biology is fundamental. In that laboratory, samples are analyzed in search of vine diseases, the type and quantity of pathogens that can affect it are identified, and methods to strengthen their defenses are investigated.

“The visit to Viña Concha y Toro´s Center for Research and Innovation was gratifying and very relevant to my decision regarding job search. I think the center is well structured, has powerful technologies and the staff is committed to improving the quality of the company’s products”, one of the students commented after the visit.

“As the organizer of the Study Trip, we had a very successful experience because we could visit a center outside of Santiago that has a team of committed professionals and cutting-edge technologies. Without a doubt, a great experience!” concluded Ana Maria von Chrismar, professor in charge of the annual tour.