Technical Area participates in CRI´s 2017 Workshop

In order to publicize the progress and results of its main projects, the Research and Innovation Center (CRI) invited the members of the Technical Management team to the third version of the Workshop, specially organized for them. On this occasion, the focus was placed on the transfer of results to Technical Management, specifically in relation to the strategic programs most linked to their area of expertise, such as: Strengthening the production of plant materials; Assessment of the quality of grapes and wines; and Instrumentation, automation and IT application. This is the first time that the Workshops are carried out separately for each area, which has given very positive results in terms of reception and participation of the guests. This year, the CRI received around 25 people, from Technical Management as well as interested winemakers. The exhibitions were leaded by Gerard Casaubon, Álvaro González, Sebastián Vargas, Felipe Gainza, Jorge Zincker and José Cuevas, who presented the progress of each program and answered the assistant´s questions. The event, which takes place annually, closed with a very good audience evaluation, who thought the material presented was very interesting and useful for their work.