Technological Transfer Workshop: CRI presents results for the Strategic Program for Strengthening the Production of Vegetable Material

The teams of the Agricultural and Technical Management, who were able to see the progress made by the Center for Research and Innovation (CRI) in this matter, attended the activity.

This year, the first Technological Transfer Workshop of the Strategic Program for Strengthening the Production of Vegetable Material (PE1) was held at the Center for Research and Innovation (CRI). The objective of the activity was to bring the Agricultural and Technical areas closer to the investigations carried out by the CRI.


The goal this year was to define the main guidelines of the technology transfer model to be developed. With it, it is expected that the different areas of the winery (Agricultural Management, Technical Management and Management of Purchase of Grapes and Wine) adopt, in the short term, the results of R & D presented.



The activity counted with the participation of Dr. Mauricio Lolas, from the University of Talca, a specialist in fungi of wood and grapevine viruses. Dr. Patricio Hinrichsen, from INIA-La Platina, an expert in grape genetics, and Olivier Zekri, representative of Novatech-Mercier, also spoke.


Olivier Zekri presented, to the more than 50 attendees, the successful case of Mercier, a company with more than 130 years of experience and that has a strategic alliance with the CRI. This firm, through its Novatech laboratory, managed to obtain clean and strengthened vine plants, which guides the CRI researchers working to achieve this goal in the company’s vineyards.


On the occasion, the main results of this Strategic Program were announced. This line of investigation aims to create plants 2.0, more resistant to diseases and with a greater life expectancy.