The CRI participates in seminar on the development and implementation of tools for vineyard improvement

On August 21, Felipe Gaínza, a molecular biology researcher at Viña Concha y Toro’s Center for Research and Innovation (CRI), gave a presentation on one of the six strategic programs being implemented by the center.


Strategic Program 1 on the Strengthening of Plant Material was presented at the seminar on “Development and implementation of applied biotechnology tools for vineyard improvement”, organized by Universidad de Talca Biological Sciences Institute’s doctoral program on Genetic Plant Engineering.


The project aims to develop biotechnology tools based on molecular biology techniques (qPCR) and the use of beneficial microorganisms (mycorrhizae and trichoderma), which supports VCT’s grapevine nursery in the selection of plant materials with the highest possible genetic/phytosanitary standards and those which are biologically strengthened, thus contributing to the establishment of new mother blocks which ensure their quality.


Working on the increase and genetic and phytosanitary quality assurance of VCT’s plant material will enable us to extend the useful life of vineyards (greater longevity), favoring homogeneous production and grapevine resilience in the face of climate change”, indicated Gaínza.