Viña Concha y Toro and INDAP’s Productive Partnerships Program was relaunched with an increase in the number of grape growers

The program, which reaffirms the winery's commitment to its grape growers, redefined its objectives, as well as reformulating its implementation and the way in which results will be measured. It also includes a more extensive work plan, and the 2016-2020 version will receive greater financial support from the winery



Santiago, Tuesday, October 25, 2016.- In partnership with INDAP, Viña Concha y Toro restructured the Productive Partnerships Program which was initiated in 2014 and relaunched it for the 2016-2020 period, reaffirming its commitment to the productive and sustainable development of small-scale grape growers.

With the presence of authorities from INDAP in the Maule Region, Viña Concha y Toro and grape growers which form part of the program, the winery’s Center for Research and Innovation disclosed the new objectives, work plans and metrics for the four years during which the initiative will be implemented. The increase in the number of participants, reaching a total of 30 grape growers, is one of the highlights of this new version of the program. Similarly, a greater number of wine regions are represented, with the incorporation of Las Rastras in Talca, as well as the areas of Melozal, Caliboro, Villaseca and Cauquenes.

The program is framed within the company’s corporate social responsibility policy and emerged to support the work of small-scale growers of iconic and traditional grape varieties in the country. “The Productive Partnerships Program is a concrete example of the commitment that we have to the wellbeing and development of our grape growers, who we consider to be strategic partners and key players for the success of the company. Instead of leaving the program as it was, we worked intensively to perfect it in order to assist the grape growers in achieving superior performance. Our promise is to be involved, form part of their reality, and for them to see us as an equal,” says Gerardo Castillo, executive coordinator of Viña Concha y Toro’s Productive Partnerships Program.

Among the winery’s objectives for the program, contributing to an increase in productivity through technical management and environmentally sustainable practices; integrating their production with the market; contributing to the implementation of good agricultural practice (GAP) and providing assistance in the management of production and cost records; and promoting and facilitating coordination with other support programs which aim to improve competitiveness, the sustainable use of natural resources and market access, can be highlighted.

Paulina Tapia, head of advocacy of INDAP, emphasized that the Productive Partnerships Program forms part of one of the strategic pillars of INDAP’s current administration, whose objective is to improve commercialization. “Here, we’re aiming to reduce the gap between grape growers and companies to generate a mutual benefit, in this case between small-scale grape growers and Concha y Toro, which requires this high-quality raw material. Furthermore, in this year which has been very complex for the industry, ensuring better business conditions for these small-scale grape growers is of enormous benefit to them, and will enable them to achieve greater production and the sustainable development of their business”.

During the launch, the new work plan was presented, providing information on the wide range of activities to be carried out, their frequency and the monitoring of their progress. In this way, through on-site visits, assessments, technical talks and analysis, among other initiatives, technical consultancy will be provided throughout the production process, as well as support in the formulation of investment projects. To preserve the business of each grape grower, an initial assessment will be conducted which enables the consultancy to be focused through the generation of customized strategies.