Viña Concha y Toro attends Australian wine industry conference

Viña Concha y Toro’s Center for Research and Innovation participated in the 17th Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference (AWITC), which was held from July 20-24 in Adelaide, Australia.


During the event, technical and scientific presentations were given on the global wine industry. The wine technology, equipment and services fair, which was held simultaneously with the conference, showcased a wide range of equipment, materials and services associated with winemaking processes.

The event was primarily focused on the development of the Chinese market and the presentation of relevant technologies. Various meetings were also held between research, business development and services areas, as well as a visit to the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI).



Álvaro González, R&D manager, and José Cuevas, head of R&D&I, attended the conference on behalf of Viña Concha y Toro’s Center for Research and Innovation to exhibit a poster on the center’s six strategic programs.  “We’re convinced that it is important to participate in this type of events. The AWITC is the largest technical conference for the wine industry globally. Although it is held in Australia, the issues addressed are of global importance, and the Chilean wine industry has many similar characteristics (problems, opportunities and challenges) to Australia. The Australian wine industry is one of the most developed in terms of applied R&D. It has a dedicated wine research institute (AWRI) and a public-private-academic R&D&I ecosystem that is very well structured for financing and technological transfer”, highlighted Álvaro González.