Viña Concha y Toro forms part of Innovation Made in Chile study

Through the Center for Research and Innovation, the company presented its experience in the development of innovation strategies within its business.


On Tuesday, the Innovation Made in Chile study was released. This research was conducted by the UC Innovation Center, in collaboration with the Chilean Ministry of Economy’s Innovation Division and the Ministry of Science and Technology. The study aims to highlight efforts to boost innovation in the country during times of constant changes and challenges.


On this occasion, Viña Concha y Toro presented its main conclusions and findings in the development and implementation of innovation strategies within its business, together with six other companies, including Gasco, Agrosuper, Cuprum, Echeverría Izquierdo, Sodimac and Transelec.


“Participating in the Innovation Made in Chile study, in collaboration with the Anacleto Angelini UC Innovation Center’s Business R&D&I Studies Laboratory, was a great opportunity to share the CRI’s experiences and conclusions, as well as to provide more information on its creation, facilities, strategy, challenges, and the impacts achieved to date”, said Álvaro González, Director of Viña Concha y Toro’s Center for Research and Innovation.


The main findings of this new study include:


Innovation changes over time, so each strategy must include the ability to adapt.

Innovation efforts must be accompanied by a cultural transformation on an organizational level.

The innovation strategy must be aligned with each company’s business strategy.

Processes and results must be systematized and measured in order to manage innovation.


“Today, science and technology are available, and for that reason incorporating them into companies’ DNA is key. In addition, the work that is being done currently, as is the case with this study, is extremely relevant, because it provides evidence that this has worked”, said Chile’s Minister of Science and Technology, Andrés Couve.


To read the Innovation Made in Chile study (available in Spanish only), click here.