Vine Fertilization Seminar

On Tuesday, October 25 the Vine Fertilization Seminar was held as part of the COMETAS program. This is a partnership and advisory initiative between Viña Concha y Toro and the Company’s grape producers. img_2976 Over 30 people, including growers and representatives of the Company’s Technical management and Grape & Wine Acquisitions management areas arrived at Extension Center located into the Center for Research and Innovation (CRI) to hear two talks on relevant topics. Felipe Gainza, engineer and Ph.D. in Molecular Biology who works at CRI, specialized in genetic engineering and plant biotechnology, launched the seminar. He presented the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan line focused on strengthening plant material, a plan which including both phytopathological (production of plants free of viruses and trunk disease fungus) and genetic aspects (clone differentiation) of vines. One aspect of research is currently developed in partnership with UC Davis Chile. In this sense, the seminar was an opportunity to present some preliminary results of sampling carried out in the Company’s vineyards focused in identify the consortium of fungi that produce trunk diseases, part of the research efforts of this alliance. Next came the presentation “Vine fertilization for production of quality wines", by Juan Hirzel, PhD., researcher at INIA (Chile’s Agricultural and Livestock Research Institute) Quilamapu, and a specialist in soil fertility and plant nutrition. Hirzel’s presentation motivated interesting questions from the audience related to their needs in these areas.