What is technology transfer and why is it important?

Opinion piece by Alejandro Donoso, Chief of Technological Management and Administration.

Technology, if it is not disseminated and applied, does not meet the goal of innovation. In Viña Concha y Toro´s Center for Research and Innovation (CRI) we understand this process as "the delivery of technical information from the owner to whom requires such information (receptor)".

The CRI, in its four years of the life, has generated through its Research and Development projects, knowledge of great value that we must ensure the different areas receive (Agricultural, Technical, and Producers, among others). For this, we have generated the "Technological Transfer Projects" that have as final aim the incorporation of these new technologies in the processes of these areas.

An example of these projects is the Cabernet Sauvignon clones in the Cauquenes area. Because each clone responds differently to each terroir, the results of the project revealed which ones were more suitable to specific characteristics. The goal of the technology transfer of this project is to extrapolate this research to other valleys, which is why the integration of this knowledge as a tool is important and helps to know which clone is more appropriate for each terroir.

It is relevant to share this knowledge because it implies the improvement of practices and techniques that, in the long run, mean better results in each of the stages of wine production. This entails a constant search to develop new methods and tools that enhance winemaking work.

This is possible only if we work together with the different areas, recognizing their needs and supporting the implementation of innovations. For this reason, the Technological Innovation Units were created, which aim to evaluate the new technologies developed outside the company, and the Valley Committees, that have the mission to incorporate the technology developed by the CRI. Teams from all the receiving areas collaborate in both Units.

This way, innovation serves its true purpose: making improvements in the processes of the different areas, recognizing and providing a solution to their most pressing needs. This model, which involves all of Viña Concha y Toro´s employees, seeks to advance together towards new ways of working and to continue to be at the forefront of the wine industry.