R+D+I Projects

Radiation Management Project

Evaluation of different defoliation techniques and grape-bunches protection techniques against excessive solar radiation for improving the quality of wine grapes. (Dir. Edmudo Bordeu, Ph.D).

1. Defoliation techniques are developed and calibrated (manual and mechanical) and protection of grape-bunches to enable them to adjust their solar exposure to minimize the damage produced by the sun’s rays and maximize the productive and qualitative potential of the vineyard.
2. The maturity of the grapes is controlled based on the Dyostem system.

Clones Project

Comparative evaluation of productive parameters and wine quality of Cabernet Sauvignon clones in the Cauquenes area (Dir. Dietrich Von Baer, Ph. D).

To determine productive and qualitative parameters of three clones and a masal selection of Cabernet-Sauvignon in Cauquenes to establish in quantitative terms the viticultural and oenological potential for the production of premium and super-premium wines.

Wood Disease Project

Development and use of strains from the Trichoderma spp. bio-controller for the mitigation of Wood Disease in the vines (Dir. Mauricio Lolas, Ph.D).

1. Development of a program of internal genetic and phytosanitary certification of the nursery.
2. Development of a system of quality control and reinforcement of vegetal material.