Strategic research and development plan 2016-2020

The strategic R&D plan constitutes a unique opportunity to structure and manage the activities of the CRI in order to produce and communicate high impact applied results for the company and the wine industry

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Strategic R&D programs

The implementation of this strategic R&D plan will enable the CRI to manage and prioritize its ongoing projects, adjust its needs or opportunities to the supply of financing instruments, determine socio-economic valuation metrics for the R&D activities, promote collaboration with academia and finally, maximize the benefits generated by R&D for the company and the industry.

  (I) Strengthening the production area of plant materials
  (II) Water resources and scarcity management
  (III) Quality assessment of grapes and wines
  (IV) Instrumentation, automation and IT applications
  (V) New product design
  (VI) Other initiatives

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UC Davis Chile Center of Excellence

Through the Center of Excellence "UC Davis Chile - Life Sciences and Innovation Center”, a series of relevant issues for the company are addressed, among which the following projects can be highlighted:

  • Line I. Microbiological diagnosis through omics-based technologies: pathogen detection, molecular diagnostics and mitigation strategies.

  • Line II. Complete genome analysis: genetic identification of clones and vine rootstocks.

  • Line III: Agroclimatic technologies: new technologies for the evaluation of water loss associated with weather changes.

  • Line T: Monitoring and evaluation of wine quality: Impact of genetics, diseases and viticultural and oenological practices on the quality of Cabernet Sauvignon wine.

Wines of Chile R+D+I Consortium

The company actively participates in the national wine industry's collaborative R&D programs through the Wines of Chile R&D Consortium. These projects have been identified and prioritized by the industry.